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Apex of Hallisan

The Apex of Hallisan starts on noon of the 20th Hallisan's Zodiac month and extends through noon on the 21st.  This is concurrent with the 30th of Harvesting and the 1st of Blooding on the secular calendar.  
"This is the main event for Guardians and their parishioners.  The first half of the Apex ceremony is where we focus on the formalities.   New initiates take their first oaths and older initiates that completed their training are ordained.  We have hymns, recitations of holy text, and somber moments of reflection to consider our oaths and responsibilities.  Often this is done while fasting, which may have been begun weeks sooner.   Once the formalities are out of the way, we break our fasts with a big feast.  This is the Harvesting and the beginning of Blooding so there is plenty of food around.   Hallisan respects courage and hard work.  On this day, we focus on hard work.  A lot of metalworkers and other craftsmen will show off their best work at this time to show off or to accept honest criticism.   Sometimes secular guilds will piggyback on the Apex of Hallisan and welcome new guild members if they work with metal or stone."   -Sister Ragani, gnome priestess
"We dwarves have similar observances and rituals on this, Hallisan's most sacred day.  We just do them better."   -Brother Nozeth, of the Order of the Stone 
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