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Phidas' Dawn

Phidas' Dawn is on the 1st of Phidas' Zodiac month which coincides with the 21st of Blooding on the secular calendar.  
"Most priesthoods like to have a traditionally have an open ceremony on their deity's zenith and a mostly private ceremony on their deity's dawn.  As much as wise Phidas loves tradition, we are forced to flip this tradition on its head.   One of the many undeserved indignities Phidas has endured is that he is the last in the Zodiac.  This means that the Month of Phidas starts out cold and only will get colder as it progresses.   We are two thirds through the bloody month of Blooding, If we don't have our public ceremony now, no one will show up at all later.   Therefore, on this day, we have a public ceremony where we remind Scarterra of Phidas' many sacrifices and contributions and hopefully this will stir some to make sacrifices and contributions to Lord Phidas."   Danuta, Fumayan Mask 
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