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Maylar's Solace

Maylar's Solace is on the 40th day of the month of Maylar on the Zodiac calendar which coincides with the 10th day of the month of the Horning on the secular calendar.   
"Most priesthoods spend their day of Solace planning for the next year.  The Testers are no different.  We list our enemies and plan ways to destroy them."   -Lady Felicja Wiern of the Decadents
"It is good and proper that Maylar is the first of the Nine to be represented in the Zodiac but it is an insult that Mera has the second spot.   The day of Maylar's Solace is an auspicious time to launch attacks so why not attack Mera's weakling Tenders?"   -Zomath, half-orc brigand.
"Only a fool acquires so many living enemies that he needs a list to keep track of them. Only a bigger fools launches an attack on a day that all our enemies suspect an attack. This is a day to look inward, not outward. We seek solace on the Day of Maylar's Solace. We remember fallen servants of Maylar, both recent and in the distant past."   -Blood Mystic Detlef, swordsmen and summoner
"The Testers may plot and scheme, but at his core, Maylar is a god of the Hunt and not a god of scheming theurgists.  We call this day the Day of the First Hunt.   It is not actually the first hunt of the year, but this is the time of year where game starts to be more plentiful.  All our tribes hunters go out at the same time to see what we can bring back to the tribe.  Our wise women will scrutinize the game we return very carefully.   What we catch or don't catch on this day is an omen for the year to come, both for the hunter in question and for the tribe as a whole."   -Dabub, orc hunter
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