Apex of Korus

Korus' Apex starts on noon on the 20th of Korus' Zodiac month and extends through the 21st. This coincides with the 10th and 11th of the month of Verdance on the secular calendar.  
"Many believe that we Stewards of Korus' Dominion are a somber and serious lot. This may be true, but know that nature embodies both joy and sorrows and we do not hide from nature's joy anymore than we hide from the sorrow. Korus' Apex is a time of great joy indeed. We celebrate nature's bounty. We drink and dance and sing and celebrate being alive."   -Selenar, wood elf druid, Stewards of the Dominion
"For most farmers, this is the most important religious holiday of the year. Being almost a fortnight into the month of Verdance, planting season is well underway. We and our parishioners honor Korus on this day and pray for a good year's crops. Since everyone from lowly peasant to mighty king is hoping for a good harvest, our services are of course well attended."   -Green Reverend Brynn, Steward of the Gift
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