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Dawn of Nami

The Dawn of Nami occurs on the 1st of Nami's Zodiac month which coincides with the the 1st of the Month of Afterverdance.  
"Nami doesn't take herself too seriously, so we don't normally take this day too seriously either.  Even among people who don't normally give Nami much thought, this day is unofficially known as Pranksgiving or the Afterverdance Fools Day, a day where light pranks are expected and encouraged.   The Bacchites pranks and revelry are far less light hearted but what else is new?"   -Wenkler, gnome innkeeper and Sedentary Rover 
"Most Scarterrans don't make a very big deal out of Nami's Dawn, but with Nami, there is an exception to every rule.  The Kingdom of Kantoc makes a very big deal.   This is day when the Kantoca choose to honor Nami.  The Kantoca are often a bit stuffy even the Horse Lords recognize the need to relax once in while.   Spring is well underway and the planting is all done, so this is a good time to have a festival, or several.   The king makes his court Jester or some other low person "king for a day" and the royal courts have a fun time following his silly decrees.   The king's vassals follow suit and will suffer light ceremonial indignities on this day.  Lords and ladies commonly give their subjects food and other gifts and they sponsor free entertainments.  Since this is Kantoc, of course one of these entertainments is always jousting tournament.  I find these tourneys boring but the humans, peasant and prince alike, seem to enjoy them, so who am I to knock it?   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Circuit Priestess of Nami 
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