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Dawn of Maylar

"The Dawn of Maylar is the first day of the month of the Maylar on the Zodiac calendar which is the first day of the month of Afternike on the secular calendar.   Since the Month of Nike five days of religious observances, even Maylar's most devout and ritualistic followers are tired of devout rituals, so normally we let this day go by with only a token acknowledgement.   Since Maylar is the one who struck the death blow against Turoch, in a way, the Month of Nike is a Maylar holiday."   -Ujarek, Herder of Men
"Eight years out of nine, this day usually passes unremarked but on the ninth year this day is not just the start of Maylar's month but of Maylar's year.   A lot of nations restrict Maylar worship, but during Maylar's Zodiac year we Testers often get more leeway. If a Tester is hoping for an ounce of legitimacy and respectability, this is a good time to make a move it for it. It raises your odds of success from "none" to "slim."   Blood Mystic Detlef, swordsmen and summoner
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