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Phidas' Solace

Phidas Solace is on the 40th day of Phidas' Zodiac Month which coincides with the 30th day of Forenike on the secular calendar.    
"I am told that on the Greymoria's Solace, the Children plan vengeance against those who insult the Great Mother by not loving her enough. On Zarthus' Solace, the Lanterns plot and scheme against their rightful rulers. On Maylar's Solace, the Testers plot against all mortals everywhere.   It is a common assumption that we Masks spend this day in a dark room sitting around a table and plotting on how best to take over Scarterra while twirling our pointy beards and rubbing our hands together conspiratorially toppling our rivals like chess pieces and take over all of Scarterra.   ...   We are not afraid of playing harsh politics but most of us don't have beards and most of know better than to tilt at windmills or carry out distracting rivalries. As enjoyable as it is to plot taking over all of Scarterra, we have nobler goals.   When Turoch died, with his last breath he swore he would return and that he would slay Phidas first. The Lanterns may snicker and say that Phidas' actions to hold back the the Void are self serving and cowardly.   ...   Turoch swore to kill Phidas first. He didn't say he would kill Phidas and then leave the rest of the Nine alone, to say nothing of mortalkind. If Phidas dies, Scarterra dies. Turoch will never rise again as he was before, but the Void embodies his primal essence and the Void is trying to destroy Scarterra. Phidas maintains the Barrier and it is up to Masks to bear the main load of opposing the Void in the rest of Scarterra.   On this day, with the Month of Turoch almost upon us, we do not plot against our political enemies, we plot against the demons and infernalists who destroy all of Creation.   After all, none of schemes to take over Scarterra will work if Scarterra is destroyed..."   Danuta , Fumayan Mask
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