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Nami's Solace

Nami's solace is on the 40th day of Nami's Zodiac Month which coincides with the 10th of Thrimlich on the secular caldendar.  
"We Rovers believe that we should take time to enjoy life and not take things too seriously. But this is not the whole of our existence. We are not na├»ve children, we know that we live in a world that is often harsh and there are times where being serious is necessary. This is one of those days.   Fasting is not something Rovers normally do, not to the point that the other priesthoods do anyway, but some Rovers choose to fast on or near this day to remind ourselves of those who must often do without.   We make penance for our mistakes over the past year. We memorialize our dead. We honor those whose hard work and sacrifice have aided Nami's cause.   We don't have a standardized system of training, new initiates usually shadow a mentor around and learn on the job and they are ordained whenever the mentor says they are done. That said, many Rovers believe that this is a good day to formally ordain graduating initiates."   -Wenkler, gnome innkeeper and Sedentary Rover
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