Mera's Dawn

Mera's Dawn is on the 1st day of Month of Mera on the Zodiac calendar and the 11th day of the Month of Horning on the secular calendar.    
"We don't make a big deal out of Mera's Dawn. Doing so would be that fancy word that sages like to use, redundant.   Mera's Dawn is 30 days after Hearth Day, Mera's biggest family holiday and five days before Imbolc, which isn't technically a Mera holiday, but it might as well be."   We do a few minor things. We have a couple Mera hymns that we play at this time that we don't play the rest of the year. We remind our parishioners that this is Mera's Month. We get about double the donations this month over an average month but we don't make a ceremony over this."   -Beslyfle gnome Terrawan priestess
"Mera's Dawn, represents new beginnings for Mera and her relationship with mortalkind. For us, this is a day for new holy vows. On this day, we formally adopt new initiates in the faith and this is day when graduated initiates take their vows to formerly join the priesthood.   Occasionally, we recognize promotions and new oaths for older priests and priestesses on this day too." -Javier kantoca Walchese priest.
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