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Hearth Day

Hearth Day is a holiday popular among gnomes that has over the years become adopted by more and more human Tenders and eventually spreading to mainstream humans not directly affiliated with the Tenders, especially in West Colassia.   The purpose of Hearth Day is simple, it's a day to fend off the cold of winter by appreciating one's family.


Mera has always been an important goddess to the daily lives of gnomes.  Mera is also the goddess of the family hearth.   The holiday is believed to have been created by a now forgotten nation of Second Age elves and kept alive by gnomes.   Originally Hearth Day was on a different day of the year, but early Third Age gnomes moved the date earlier into Maylar's Zodiac month as a symbolic gesture in defiance against him.


This holiday is often considered a peasants' holiday.  Most nobles do not make a observance this holiday, or if they do it in private rather than broadcast what they are doing.


The main observance of the holiday is to enjoy a meal with family and friends around a nice warm fire on a cold winter night, give thanks for what you have, and tell a lot of uplifting stories.   Some cultures, especially gnomes, memorialize their honored dead on this night. Often food and drink is offered symbolically to the honored dead by tossing tidbits of it into the fire.
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