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Scarterra observes a nine-year Zodiac cycle with each year of the Zodiac dedicated to one of the Nine   Order of the Zodiac   1-Year of Maylar   2-Year of Mera   3-Year of Korus   4-Year of Nami   5-Year of Greymoria   6-Year of Khemra   7-Year of Zarthus   8-Year of Hallisan   9-Year of Phidas       According to legend, Maylar claimed the first Zodiac year because he was the least injured of the Nine after the Divine Rebellion and Phidas got saddled with the last year because he was the most injured.   Whatever the case each of the Nine has an associated constellation that is more prominent on their given year.   Some cultures believe the zodiac sign when a child is born has a profound impact on the mortal's life. Other cultures believes the zodiac has a mild or complete placebo affect on children born under it's auspices.   Mortals born under a deity's zodiac sign are said to manifest personality traits and skill aptitudes in line with what that deity values which in some cultures causes couples to try to conceive children to be born during certain years or to avoid certain years depending on their beliefs.   It is noted that favored souls are disproportionately likely to be born or conceived during their deity's zodiac year. Khemra's favored souls are only born during her zodiac year.   Scarterra also has a Calendar system of months based on the Nine's zodiac. Opinions differ on whether a child's zodiac birth month has any bearing on the child's future or not. If hypothetically a child is born in Mera's zodiac month during Phidas' zodiac year, then the child would hypothetically have a mix of blessing from both deities. A child born during Phidas' zodiac month and Phidas' zodiac year concurrently would hypothetically have a double dose of Phidas traits.

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