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Scarterran Calendar, days and months

The Scarterran year is 365 days.  Most Scarterrans use either the zodiac calendar or the harvest calendar, and a few use both.  Both use the same New Year date.  

Zodiac Calendar

Silver Nine symbol #1 by Me adapting work from Pendrake via Nightcafe
  The zodiac Calendar has nine months of forty days each each based on the Scarterran Zodiac plus a five day pseudo-month ironically dedicated to Turoch.   Month of Maylar    Month of Mera    Month of Korus    Month of Nami   Month of Greymoria   Month of Khemra   Month of Zarthus   Month of Hallisan   Month Phidas   "Month" of Turoch, these five days are said to mark the anniversary of the the Divine Rebellion.     Harvest Calendar   The harvest calendar has twelve months of thirty days each and one psuedo-month of 5 days known as "the Nike" or "victory" commemorating the Divine Rebellion.   Month of Afternike Month after the nike.  Akin to January.     Month of Horning Referring to the antlers shed by the deer around this period in the year.   Month of Stirring The stirring of life in the transition of winter to spring.   Spring Stellar Day (1st of Verdance)     Month of Verdance Start of spring in earnest   Month of Afterverdance Month after Verdance   Month of Thrimilch Month of three milkings (the pastures are quite good, so the cows give more milk).   Summer Stellar Day (1st of Embers)     Month of Embers It's starting to get warmer   Month of Midsummer Self explanatory   Month of Hayweed Combination of hay and weed in the more general sense of plant. This month is when most of the stores of hay are made for the coming winter.   The Autumn Stellar Day (1st of Harvesting)     Month of Harvesting Self evident.   Month of Blooding The month of slaughter. This is the period in the year where the livestock is thinned to avoid unnecessary food expenses during the winter season while at the same time provisioning food for that same winter season.   Month of Forenike The month before the Nike.   "Month of the Nike" these five days are said to mark the anniversary of the the Divine Rebellion and includes the Winter Stellar Day.  


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