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Summer Stellar Day

The seasonal Stellar Days marks the official start of the season when each seasons' associated cardinal star gains ascendancy in the night sky.   The Summer Stellar Day occurs on the 1st day of the Month of Embers on the secular calendar and the twenty-first day of the month of Greymoria on the Zodiac calendar.    
"Nine's blessing be upon you, child. You ask how this days holiday observances are traditionally peformed, the formal observances on the Summer Stellar Day are rather...complicated.   The Summer Stellar Day is associated with summer and summer is associated with the freedom of Nami and the the watchful eye of Khemra, and the gentle warmth of Mera. Since the Stellar day occurs a one day after Greymoria's most important holiday, summer is associated with Greymoria as well.   Summer is a traditional time of war and good hunting so it is often associated with mighty Hallisan and cunning Maylar.   As a key point in natural life cycles, the Summer Stellar Day is associated with wise Korus as well.   This would theoretically leave Phidas and Zarthus out in the cold but neither these two beings nor their followers like to be left out.   Because weather is relatively mild around this time and a lot of farmers have relatively light worklaoads, this is popular time for nobles to sponsor secular tournaments and festivals around this time as well.   My order gives all the Nine their due on this day as we do every day but most Scarterrans pick one or two deities to honor this day and leave the rest, so every nation, every village, every family has their won take on how this day should be recognized. Sometimes this causes frictions."   -Priest Benek of the Cult of the Compact

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