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Spring Stellar Day

The seasonal Stellar Days marks the official start of the season when each seasons' associated cardinal star gains ascendancy in the night sky.   The Spring Stellar Day occurs on the 1st day of the Month of Verdance on the secular calendar and the eleventh day of the month of Korus on the Zodiac calendar.  
The entire month of Verdance is named the start of spring so it's easy to remember when the Spring day is. The entirety of the month of Verdance is encapsulated by the month of Korus which is very appropriate as none of the Nine are invoked half as much as great Korus during this time.   Some crops are best planted shortly before the Spring Stellar Day and some shortly afterward, and of course every year the weather patterns make each year's planting cycle slightly different, but the ancient guidelines remain in place. Regardless of what crops a farmer is planting, farmers are always very busy this time of year preparing their fields for the next year's' harvest.   Because everyone is so busy planting, we Stewards don't make a formal spectacle of honoring Korus on near the Spring Stellar Day. We keep our worship services short and sweet, and remind our parishioners that the best way to honor Korus is through hard work, not adulation.   We may not make a formal fuss over it, but we Stewards usually get almost as many donations during planting season as the entire rest of the year combined."   -Green Reverend Brynn

Cover image: bright lone star (creative commons) by Sven Scheuermeier


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