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The Autumn Stellar Day

The seasonal Stellar Days marks the official start of the season when each seasons' associated cardinal star gains ascendancy in the night sky.   The Spring Stellar Day occurs on the 1st day of the Month of Harvesting on the secular calendar and the thirty-first day of the month of Zarthus on the Zodiac calendar.  
"The Autumn Stellar Day marks the start of harvest season.  Much like planting season, Korus' temples receive a lot of donations at this time, but this Stellar Day, Korus traditionally has to share the good will of mortals with other deities at this time.   Like in the spring, we keep Korus' worship services short and sweet because our parishioners are naturally busy this time of year.  Most formal and informal harvest celebrations occur well after the Stellar Day has passed when the workload has lightened up a bit."   -Green Reverend Brynn 

Cover image: bright lone star (creative commons) by Sven Scheuermeier


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