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Winter Stellar Day

The seasonal Stellar Days marks the official start of the season when each seasons' associated cardinal star gains ascendancy in the night sky.   The Winter Stellar Day occurs on the 1st day of the "month" of Nike on the secular calendar and the first day of the of the "month" of Turoch on the Zodiac calendar.   The secular calendar has twelve thirty-day months and the zodiac calendar has nine forty-day months. Five days are tacked on to the end of the year making the month of Nike and the month of Turoch is the only month on the two calendars that are perfectly in sync.  
"Nine's blessing be upon you, child. The other seasonal Stellar days are largely about the seasons, but not so the Winter Stellar Day.   On this day, against the harsh cold and dark of the Void, we seek strength in numbers with others much as the Nine did in the Age Before Ages.   It is a somber and holy day commemorating the start of the Divine Rebellion and the struggles and sacrifices.   The five day observance starts somber and serious and gradually lightens in tone by the end as the somber reflection turns into an exuberant new year's celebration balancing the serious with the jovial. A wondrous balance pleasing ot the Nine."   -Priest Benek of the Cult of the Compact

Cover image: bright lone star (creative commons) by Sven Scheuermeier


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