Mera's Zenith

Mera's Zenith begins at noon on the 20th of Mera's Zodiac month and extends through noon on the 21st. This coincides the 30th of Horning and the 1st of Stirring on the secular calendar.  
"Most of our operating funds come from regular small donations from large numbers of commoners. Often, we get donations in the form of food, clothing, firewood, and other material goods. We do not care, for Mera loves a cheerful giver no matter how humble.   Some of our funds come from large donations from a small number of rich people, and they usually like to make a public show of this so they can show the small folk how much they love Mera. We are not opposed to this.   On Mera's Zenith we make a big spectacle of the importance of giving and let big donors give us offerings in front of an audience. Others highborn choose to give away food or supplies to the poor and use us as the middlemen to deliver their goods. We certainly are not opposed to this.   It also common for parishioners come to ask for Mera's blessings on small children and pregnant women on this day which we are happy to do."   -Javier kantoca Walchese priest.
"There is a peasant superstition that Mera works miracle cures for the sick and injured on this day.  I like to think that Mera's healing touch is active upon Scarterra every day, but I believe in being prepared.  Sometimes Mera's miracles require a helping hand.   We get a lot of parishioners petitioning us for healing, so we make sure that all our magical and mundane healers are on hand and that we have plenty of medicinal supplies stockpiled for this day (and the whole month really).   We also have a lot of new parents ask us to bestow Mera's blessing on their children and we are happy to do this today as everyday."   -Beslyfle gnome Terrawan priestess
"We do not worship Mera as much in our daily lives as the other members of the Confederacy but we do honor Mera on this day.  Before she was the goddess of the family hearth, the she was the goddess of water.  We beseech her for rain and abundant lush oases to sustain us through the year."   -Janesh, Mereshnari  Outrider
"Around the world, sailors pay homage to Mother Mera for her domain over water and the sea.  Sailors pray for favorable currents and safe journeys as is only right and proper."   Daana, Defender of the Hearth, Paladin 
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