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Zarthus' Solace

Zarthus' Solace is on the 40th day of Zarthus' Zodiac Month, coinciding with the 10th day of the Month of Harvesting on the secular calendar.    
"Most Lanterns only make a token observance of this day.  Some chose to undergo a fast to empathize with the less fortunate, but this is not required.   Like many other priesthoods, we use our day of Solace to memorialize our honored dead, but we are relatively close to Samhain the Day of the Dead, so we don't spend too long on this.   A lot of religious Orders use this day to plot against their enemies, so Lanterns that lean towards the Vindicators are supposedly busy, but smart Vindicators don't let themselves become predictable, so they aren't as busy as you think, since their enemies are expecting them to attack on or near this day."   -Zajac, Fumayan Lantern
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