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Scarterran Calendars, years

Almost every nation and culture that bothers with mathematical measurements of time sets a different Year 1. Usually Year 1 marks the legendary founding of their nation or in the case of the various elf subcultures the year they think the The Third Age began.   For simplicity, if I include a date anywhere and do not specify otherwise I am using the Common Colassian Calendar. Year 1 is the year where the hated vampire Vladimir the Conqueror¬†was reputedly destroyed.   The default starting year for the RPG I'm running and the stories I'm working on is going to be 1837 CE (Current Era) or in other 1836 years after the death of Valdimir the Conqueror. Events before Year 1 are labelled BCE (Before Current Era)   According to the Zodiac, Vladimir was destroyed during the year of Maylar so 1837 is also the Year of Mera or if you want to be really snooty about it, 1837 is "204th Year of Mera of the Current Age"   Also, I suppose thanks to downtime and travel time, my two active RPG campaigns are crossing the threshold into 1838, or the 204th Year of Korus of the Current Age.


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