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Myths associated with Mera's Lake

To most Scarterrans and Scaraquans alike, Mera's Lake or the Prime Sea is the geographic center of the entire world.   To Scarterrans, Mera's Lake this marks the point where the mega continent that encompassed Scarterra in ages past once stood and due to Mera's blessing, the water remains clean and drinkable for all time.   To Scaraquans, the Prime Sea is even more important.  Many if not most Scarquans believe that this site marks where Sea gave birth to the Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the SeaMubete, Taedi, and Enosha though some state that only Enosha was born her and the other two goddesses were born elsewhere.   Others believes that the Prime Sea marks the spot where Mubete and Heekma made their accord to allow life to flourish.   Still others believe that the Prime Sea marks where Taedi and Dalgari and set the the tides into motion.   Perhaps all of these stories are true, perhaps none of them are true, but the Prime Sea has very well defined haloclines and is perpetually teeming with the priomoridlal energeis of life.
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