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poop porters

Peasant 1: Who's that then?   Peasant 2: I dunno. Must be a king.   Peasant: Why?   Peasant 2: He hasn't got shit all over him.
  Most rural peasants have to deal with their own fecal waste and those of their livestock personally.   In towns and cities, this is outsourced to the poop porters. They also empty chamber pots. Most towns and cities have multiple dumping sites. These dumping sites or on outskirts of town, near smelly industries like the tanning district or in poorer neighborhoods.   Only a small percentage of the population has the capability to become a theurgist, but Purification is the most widely picked up divine sphere. Hopefully, an area has one or more theurgists that are willing to stoop to work this low. A pile of dung or a pool of urine that is magically purified smells a lot better. Once magically purified, waste products, mortal or animal will dry out and lighten up. It can then be transported as fertilizer.



Have a strong stomach and be able to lift a shovel.

Payment & Reimbursement

Poop porters tend to make 3-4 copper coins a day, compared to the 2 copper pieces most unskilled labor typically receives.   Poop purification theurgists typically make 3-5 silver coins a day.



The poop clean up improves sanitation, beauty of an area, and provides fertilizer.

Social Status

Only the bottom rung of society typically takes on this crappy job.   Poop purifying theurgists are held in higher esteem but not by much.  Fortunately, one o the necessary conditions to become a theurgist in the first place is to be pious, and pious people are often but not always fairly humble.



Typically a shovel and a cart.  Maybe a cloth face mask.

Dangers & Hazards

Bad smell and a potential for contracting fecal born diseases.
Demand is high because everyone poops, mortal and beast alike.
Related Locations

Cover image: Medieval art of farm workers (public domain) by unknown artist


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