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Thurekal serve dragons. "Thurakel" is a word in the Draconic language that doesn't translate very well into Common. Scholars debate on whether the word best translates as "dragon slave" "dragon servant" or "dragon vassal." More often than that, the distinction depends on the dragon and how much respect and compassion they decide their thurekal are due.   During the First Unmaking , many races were considered thurekal races. This includes but is by no means limited to ocumati, giants, and chimera.   After the First Unmaking, most thurekal either died or they abandoned their dragon masters forever. Some entire thurekal bloodlines were wiped out entirely. Most simply began new lives as independent creatures.   In the Third Age , some dragons still seek out thurekal. Most modern thurekal are recruited into the role rather than born into their role. A few mortals have such a high opinion of dragons that they actually go out looking for dragons to serve. This is dangerous as some dragons would rather have dinner than a servant.   The human nation of Swynfaredia loves to borrow draconic concepts. Some nobles call their non-sorcery wielding vassals and courtiers "Thurekal" though this term is usually only thrown around in very formal settings.
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