During the the First Age (and perhaps even before) dinosaurs roamed the lands of Scarterra and swam the seas of Scaraqua.   Dragons hunted some for food or sport.  They tamed or domesticated a few.  As dragon civilization expanded to swallow up more and more wilderness, dragons accidentally or deliberately drove some species of dinosaur into extinction.   After the First Unmaking, natural disasters wiped out a great many species of dinosaurs, either killed outright by the disasters or starved to death as the elemental chaos disrupted their normal food supplies.  Sometimes dinosaurs were brought to the brink of extinction and then the survivors were eaten by hungry dragon and giant refugees of First Unmaking.   During the Second Age , a few dinosaur species rebounded but some were driven to extinction by elves or outcompeted by birds and mammals.   The fall out from the Second Unmaking wiped out almost all of the dinosaurs that were left and now dinosaurs are little more than a memory in the the Third Age though small numbers of dinosaurs remain in isolated pockets.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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