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Winter's Eve

In general, the Month of Blooding is the time where livestock is culled in preparation for the coming winter, both to make sure there is enough food for the winter and so there are fewer animal mouths to feed.   Winter's Eve is a sliding holiday that is commonly celebrated either early in the month of Blooding or late in the month of Blooding where Maylar's role in the culling of livestock is honored.   For non-Testers, Winter's Eve is the biggest observance of Maylar worship.  Almost all Scarterrans that rely on livestock to any extent observe this ritual if only to avoid Maylar's wrath later.   Winter’s Eve either marks the beginning of the time to cull the livestock for winter or the end of it. The first and/or last slain livestock of the season is dedicated to Maylar in somber ceremony. Other ceremonial offers are given.    The Testers of Maylar tend to give very serious offerings here, including but not limited to live sacrifice of mortals.   Nomadic people honor this holiday differently making offerings to Maylar to ensure good luck in hunting, but the basic principle is the same and the holiday is usually observed at some point in the month of Blooding.
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