the first satyrs

There are lots of variations in the origin stories for how Satyrs came to be, but they tend to follow this pattern: A stodgy elven queen (or king or high priest or some other authority figure) in a stodgy elven nation (whose ruins are not far from this very forest!) banned dancing, alcohol, lively music and generally was anti-fun.   A cult of Nami's Rovers moved in to try to teach the subjects of said nation how to have fun. It worked out well, until the queen’s enforcers arrested them all. The queen was a powerful wizard (or had minions who were powerful wizards depending on the storyteller). She told the Nami cultists “If you will behave like animals, animals you shall be” and polymorphed them into goats.   Nami took pity on her followers and offered to turn them back into the elves, but they insisted on carrying a mark of their transformation as a band of honor. Thus, the first satyrs were created from elves. Finding civilization in general too stifling, the satyrs opted to become nomadic forest dwellers.
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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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