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Bellusk is the Scaraquan face of the god Maylar.   Scarterrans usually view Maylar as a god and refer to him by male pronouns.  Scaraquans view Bellusk as a goddess and refer to her by female pronouns.   Bellusk origins are unknown to Scaraquans.  She is not viewed as daughter of the Sea, a daughter of the Sky, or a daughter of the Sea Floor.  She is the Mother of Sharks, the Matron of Predators and no one is sure how she came to be.   Bellusk doesn't act often in cosmic events but when she does she is direct and aggressive.  Most Scaraquans do not worship Bellusk or if they do, they are simply trying to placate her wrath.   A major exception, of course, are the Karakhai who view Bellusk as their spiritual mother.
Divine Classification

Cover image: Photo of Megladon Shark Teeth by Museums Victoria


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