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Karakhai priests or priestesses of Bellusk are called Samearu. About three out four Samearu are male. Most Samearu are generally celibate and Samearu generally live outside of the tribes. Karakhai are generally not materialistic, but Samearu tend to take to this an extreme. The shark equivalent of the bare foot hermit dressed in rags.   Secular Karakhai are usually pragmatic enough to trade for or steal weapons and tools from Scaraquans that are better craftsmen than they. Most Samearu eschew the use of weapons or armor not crafted by anyone other than themselves so their weapons and tools tend to be pretty crude, though Samearu on average are much better at crafting things than the average Karakhai. A Karakhai tribe that doesn’t have access to tools and weapons crafted by more nimble-fingered Scaraquans are likely to have a Samearu crafter swimming among them.   Samearu are free to swim among any Karkahai tribe, even between bitter rivals. It is considered bad luck for a Karakhai to harm a Samearu though this rule does not apply to the Samearu themselves. Major disputes between Samearu are often settled by ritualized combat. Most Samearu specialize in magical lore of Animal and they commonly use this power to summon and command large numbers of ordinary sharks to do their bidding.

Mythology & Lore

Bellusk is the ultimate apex predator and is the Mother of Sharks.  Some time ago, she elevated several sharks into Karakhai and most Karakhai still venerate their spiritual mother to this day.
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