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Grand Khan

Nearly every clan or group of Karakhai is led by a Karakai Khan who attains his or her rank through a formal challenge and ritual combat.  In this way, Karakhai are at least in theory, always ruled by the strongest (though there are more than a few potent warriors who are content to follow orders of another and do not seek to become Khan).   A Grand Khan, or Khan of Khans is a Karkahai that can command several groups of Karakhai at once.   When a Grand Khan emerges, all of Scaraqua ripples in fear because no one takes on the great risk of becoming a Great Khan without ambitions of plunder and conquest.   Great Khans are rare.  Most Karkahai who set out on the path to becoming a Great Khan die a bloody death while making the attempt.  Most Great Khans who succeed have short but glorious reigns   Like the lesser Khans, Great Khans can be male or female and they are not treated differently based on their sex.  About half of the aspirants to be Great Khan and half are female.  About three fifths of those who succeed in becoming Great Khan are female.


A Grand Khan must be strong in battle, have a head for tactics, and be able to inspire others under her command.


A would-be Great Khan must become an ordinary Khan via the traditions of his clan. Following this, he must announce his intentions to the priests of Samearu who then relay this challenge to the other Khans nearby.   The would-be great Khan must must defeat all the other Khans in one-on-one combat. By tradition the would-be great Khan is expected to avoid killing the other Khans if possible (these Khans will be his future lieutenants in theory) but the Khans the would-be Great Khan must fight are not obligated to spare his life should they win. In this way frivolous or foolhardy attempts to become Great Khan are discouraged.   After a Great Khan has defeated four Khans in battle, on the fifth and all subsequent challenges a Khan may surrender without a fight with no loss of honor.


A Great Khan must defeat at least four Khans in duels sanctioned by the Samearu.


Grand Khans can command the loyalty of four or more clans of Kharakhai with all the military might this encompasses.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Grand Khans can only lose their title in death.  Usually death in battle, but they can be formally challenged by a subordinate Khan if the Khan can successfully levy an accusation of weakness, foolishness, or cowardice and is supported by two of the Samearu.
Nobility, Military
Form of Address
Mighty One, Khan of Khans, Teeth of the goddess Bellusk
Source of Authority
Might makes right
Length of Term
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