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Karakai Khan

Most tribes of Karakhai have a single chief called a Khan.   The khan word is law in all things and who is the khan is determined by one-on-one combat. The defending chief gets to choose weapons which is usually “spear and shield” or “as a true shark” meaning both combatants are unarmed. The fight continues until one fighter dies or yields. About half the time, someone dies and about half the time someone yields. This varies from tribe to tribe. Some tribes rarely kill the loser, and some tribes rarely spare the loser.   The khan can be male or female. On average, karakhai females are slightly better fighters than karakhai females and this has a cumulative effect. Three times out of four, the khan is female. Karakhai do not treat male and female khans any differently. They have the same title, the same privileges, the same perks.   The khan can be challenged at any time unless the tribe is currently in the middle of combat with an outside foe. Certain times of the year are considered more auspicious to issue a challenge.   It is considered a modest taboo for a Karakhai to issue a challenge if the chieftain is wounded or sick and likely to recover. It is a major taboo if the injury in question came from a previous challenge, but it’s not unheard of for an unpopular khan to be worn down by back-to-back challenges. If the chieftain is a skilled fighter who is also a fool, than he or she will face several back-to-back challenges until eventually the exhausted chief loses though defeated challengers should expect no leniency and will almost certainly die.   If a tribe ever has a vacancy in the office of Khan there could be an informal series of challenges on the spot as warriors battle for the privilege of being the next Khan or the Samearu might organize a formal series of challenges to determine the next Khan.   Some larger tribes have lieutenants to the khan who are below the chieftain, but above everyone else. This is rare.   When several khans unite under a Grand Khan or a Khan of Khans, all of Scaraqua quakes in fear.


Be powerful in battle and have a head for tactics and strategy.


Defeat the previous Khan in a challenge.


Lead the tribe in all things, especially battle.


Prestige, respect, and preferential mating rights.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Varies, typically a necklace of bones signifies the office.  If the tribe happens to have access to a magical weapon, usually that weapon serves as the Khan's badge of office.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Majority of Karakhai follow the full traditions though the title of Khan carries less weight in Karakhai associated with the Oshmani Empire
Alternative Naming
Chieftain or Chieftainess
Source of Authority
Might makes right
Length of Term
for life or until the khan steps down
Reports directly to
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