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Kontona is the Scaraquan face of the goddess Nami.     Scarterrans view Nami as a goddess and use feminine pronouns to describe her.  Scaraquans view Kontona as a goddess and use feminine pronouns to describe her.     Scaraquans are not sure where Kontonas from.  She does not seem to be a daughter of the Sky, the See Floor, or the Sea.  She is without easy classification and is hard to predict.   No one, deity or mortal, knwos what to expect from her.  She is widely believed to be an on-again off-again lover of Dalgari... and rumored to be romantically involved with one or more of the Seeyirah too.     Her most famous cosmic act is creating rain.  Much as Prometheus stole fire from the gods so mankind could advance, Scaraquans believe that Konotona stole the rain so that life on Scarterra could develop.
Divine Classification

Cover image: rough draft of Kontona icon by me


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