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Trophy Seekers

The Trophy Seekers are a loose group of disparate individuals united by their desire to seize power if not total godhood by forging one of Turoch's corpse's discarded body parts into their own Divine Trophy.   It is widely believed that a Trophy Seeker in the Second Age accidentally triggered the Second Unmaking by taking a piece of Turoch's essence across the Barrier temporarily collapsing The Barrier entirely.   Because of this history, religious and secular authorities come down hard on any identified or even suspected Trophy Seekers thus Trophy Seekers are a secretive lot that is not very numerous.   Another thing keeping the Trophy Seekers numbers down is that most of them are in competition with each other.  "I want the power" as opposed to "We want the power."  When one encounters a larger group of Trophy Seekers it usually involves a charismatic cult leader and a group of fawning sycophants who want to be the favored mortals of the new god.
Secret, Occult


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