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Festival of Rebirth

The fire was beautiful. It was warm and it was eager.   Bria stood between her parents standing a few dozen paces from the edge of the roaring flames. The past month had been difficult for her. Her brother had just joined the garrison at the East Hold of the Karatch Mountains. Her parents shop had been vandalized by a group of rowdy soldiers who were taking advantage of the local laws. And her hand was bandaged up.   Not a tenday ago she had lost the pinky and ring fingers on her left hand. Nothing malevolent, it was an accident. But the sudden loss of her mobility had been leaving her a dark mood lately. These were all things that she wished to move on from. At least the last two. She misses her brother terribly and she knew regardless of the festival that wouldn't change.   The speaker had finished talking and signaled for everyone to begin. Slowly and silently at first, other folk began removing their masks and tossing them into the fire. Somber grim faces lead the way. But soon the energy began changing.   One young boy tripped on his way up. Mask flying from his hand to land a few feat from the fire. His red scales amplifying the relfected fire light. First a handful of gasps escaped from the nearby onlookers but as the boy popped right up and kicked his mask into the flames with a roar of defiance the gasps quickly turned into laughter and cheers. With his own eyes burning with their own inner flame he cheered and ran around; arms pumping in the air.   Catching the mirth, Bria practically skipped forward, tore off her mask, and flung it forward like a saucer. It crashed into the coals with a satisfying hiss. Missing fingers of not, she would make the most up the upcoming tendays. The old Bria was gone. Burned in the flames of rebirth.


This festival has been a part of Arokath tradition for millennia. Dating back further than when the Dragonblooded people were a collection of tribe living across the subcontinent of Aroa. The tradition has continued on into modern Arokath culture and has spread on one way or another to the other nations of Aroa.


While the specifics of how this festival is celebrated varies from town to town there are a few key agreed upon tenants of the activity.
  1. The Festival of Rebirth is about new beginnings and changing ones old self. People are encouraged to settle old debts, forgive enemies, and make positive changes to their lives.
  2. Fighting is not allowed. Friendly competition is allowed but no deliberate harm.

Components and tools

Common components of the festival:
  • feats of skill
  • music
  • dancing
  • food and drink
  • story telling
The town of Erzaos has a unique tradition in which during the course of the festivities everyone wears a mask. At midnight they are cast off and burned, signifying the cleansing of one's old self.


This festival takes place the night of a day in which the moon, Ithil, is full. Typically beginning after sunset and continuing to the dawn.


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