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Mithiliel the Wanderer

The Wanderer Mithiliel Carcilian Doe'en vos Freun Vankateur de Barolo, II

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the surname Vankateur de Barolo. A well off merchant family of the Felirythian Republic in the town of Valon. In his youth he showed an affinity for the arts. Songs, stories, epic tales, jigs, histories, the sciences. He loved them all. Seeing this, his family sent his to the best schools in all of Aroa in each nation. No small price especially during wartime.   He now spends his time seeking out lost histories and legends. Writing of his and other's exploits. Living life to it's fullest. Seeking the hidden truths of the world.


Studied formally as a bard in Olyren Anore, as a historian in Arcemoh, an appraiser in Dor Garom, and as an alchemist in Duskview.


While related to one of the wealthiest families in all Aroa, the Barolo's of Valon, and well off in his own right due to book sales, he does not live in a gardened estate living off of his wealth. At least not all the time.   Mithiliel spend most of his time traveling with various groups, armies, or caravans. In order to chase down or discover a new story somewhere.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Credited as an author of four books: Folk Tales of Calderia, Dorandul Cuisine; Above and Below, The Mating Habits of the Common Mountain Lizard, The Wanderer's Annotated History of Felirythian Politics.
  • Composed more than two dozen songs. Some include: Where the Rain Don't Shine, To the Rising Sun, Doran Doran, Sail the Coasts of Dulan, Whoa My Heart to Thee, Tinker Man, Poor Ol' Donkey, Birth of an Age
  • Recently released his latest work The Angel in the Woods which his considers both his best work and also his most inaccurate.

Morality & Philosophy

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Passions explored and secrets uncovered. Deeds to be sung about for ages to come!


Social Aptitude

A bard whose reputation proceeds him. Known throughout the land as a silver tongued devil. A gentleman, yet not pompous. Who follows etiquette perfectly with lords and ladies but also knows every sailor's shanty and has written a few of his own. Fits just as comfortably in a ballroom as he would a dock side taproom.   Known to woe folk with his cunning words and gentle ways. Many a woman and man has been pulled under the sway of melodic tune.
Short cut wiry black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark and sunkissed
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