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Old Mistontli Language (mis-tont-LIE)

"Remember we are guests of the Hidden Cliff Clan. They are the only ones who don't attack us on sight. Let me do the talking and don't touch anything."   Iniroviel and her four companions were lead down the side of one cliff and through a series of tunnels and ravines. Watchful eyes were all around them. Some with open contempt. Others with a fanatic plea. Others still thankful. Jewel of the Mountain, the clans chieftain, lead the five outsiders deeper and deeper into the cliffs. Eventually coming to a large chamber. They were perhaps forty feet beneath the surface Iniroviel concluded as she gazed up at the sunlight shining through a hole in the ceiling. It's warm light illuminating the damp walls.   In the center of the room stood a stone structure. Like a tiered rectangular pyramid about 30 feet to its zenith with a base just as wide. Approaching, Iniroviel could see every stone used to build the structure had various symbols and pictures carved all over them.   More of the Old Mistontli Language. Great, she thought. Jewel of the Mountain turned to face the elf woman. His spotted fur showing a color pattern similar to a jaguar. He pointed to Iniroviel's hands and then at his head followed by her head. A moment later her spell was cast and he spoke to her.   "This is the temple of the earth god but we don't know how to worship him. All our prayers have been unanswered. We don't know what these symbols mean."   Even though Jewel didn't know elvish, the spell Iniroviel had cast allowed her to hear elvish. Just as when she speaks to Jewel, he will hear it in his language.   "Well," sighed the elf woman, "Let's see how we can help."

Writing System

The language used a set of 15 consonants and four long and short vowels.


The phonology of Old Mistontli, was notable for its use of a 'tl' sound produced as a single consonant and for the use of the glottal stop. Also common in the dwarvish tongue where vocal cords are halted in the middle of words. The glottal stop has been lost in some modern dialects—replaced by 'h'—and retained in others. The 'tl' sound, however, serves to distinguish the major modern dialects: central and northern Mistontli dialects retain the 'tl' sound. Eastern Mistontli dialects have replaced the 'tl' by 't'. Western dialects replace the 'tl' with 'l'.   -Iniroviel, foremost scholar of the Mistontli in Olyren Anore


Context is highly important in the use of this language. The term 'grand night' might be talking about an important event that happened at night or may be referring to an individual by the same name.


Many of the languages common to Aroa follow the subject-verb-noun format. Mistontli follows a noun-subject-verb structure.   Its grammar was basically agglutinative, making much use of prefixes and suffixes, reduplication (doubling) of syllables, and compound words.
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