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Mistontli (mis-tont-LIE)

Emerging from the ravines or leaping among the trees, the Mistontli are the natives of the Island of the Damned. A harsh place to live has created a harsh peoples.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

  • Blazing Fire (Blaze)
  • Ice on the Lake (Ice)
  • Endless Time (Time)
  • Bubble of a Cauldron (Bubble)
  • Steady Rock (Rock)
  • Merry Canvas (Canvas)
  • Bright Thing (Thing)
  • Dynamic Stitch (Dynamic)
  • Single Snow (Single)
  • Jade Brush (Brush)
  • Spots of a Leopard (Spot)
  • Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)
  • Grass of Spring (Grass)
  • Fire in the Distance (Fire)
  • Burning Fire (Fire)
  • Fresh Peak (Peak)
  • Vibrant Dream (Vibrant)
  • Secret Scale (Secret)
  • Subtle Grass (Grass)
  • Bizarre Boot (Boot)

Family names

Eleven clans exist across the Island of the Damned.
  • The Reigning Woodland Clan
  • The Basking Wild Clan
  • The Hidden Cliff Clan
  • The Misty Mist Clan
  • The Serene Dune Clan
  • The Heavenly Den Clan
  • The Watching Caverns Clan
  • The Echoing Lakes Clan
  • The Growing Lagoon Clan
  • The Angelic Creeks Clan
  • The Colorful Cave Clan


Shared customary codes and values

One trait is widely held between the eleven clans of the island. A strong hate of outsiders. While untrusting of other clans, most are openly hostile to any who are not of the Mistontli. They believe outsiders are infringing on their respective clan's chances at claiming the island for their own.

Average technological level

Pre-iron age. Very few metals exist on the Island of the Damned. People based on Aztec civilization.

Common Dress code

Clothing is primarily made of furs and leaves tied together. Head pieces generally hold more ornamental value. Precious stones and feathers decorate where they can.

Coming of Age Rites

Common Myths and Legends

The Mistontli believe that their god punished them long ago for their hubris thus casting their island into chaos and creating the damned. As penance they have to fight to take back what is theirs. Only then will they be forgiven and allowed to rise once more.   Which ever clan has done the most to clear the island will be the clan that will rule over all the others.
Tiuikilia amo ka nikan. Inin ka teotlitlan.   -Common Mistontli saying to outsiders.
Languages spoken
TRUE HISTORY: The Mistontli after the onset of The Blood War held high hopes for their people's wide spread survival. They once spanned the better part of a far away continent on Pholtel.   They were summarily decimated by the rampaging fiends. An otherworldly eldritch god posing as one of their deities then tricked them. Offering to save their people. The being then relocated a chunk of their land and all their people of the coast of Aroa. They then transformed the majority of their population into the creatures called the damned. While their people were decimated, they have survived the millennia.


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