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Captain Dread

Pirate King Obrek Hammersea

Bren shifted nervously in his seat. Sweat beginning to bead on his forehead.   He swallowed hard and croaked out, "I can offer you two pieces of gold and eighteen pieces of silver. And a promise that..."   A sudden and profound laughter tore through the din of the tavern. Bren sunk into himself and cowered at every hearty breath. He could smell the distinct pipe tobacco from across the table. Bren sheepishly glanced across the table to his host. His jailor. His Dread.   A young half orc reclined easily in the chair across from Bren. His hands both grasping his stomach and he finished the last of his fit. The half orc man was not yet into his thirties by Bren's guess but the dangerous man's experience long overshadowed his youth. This is Captain Dread. A dreaded pirate of The Fingers. So much so that even the Calderian Empire gave him some breathe.   Having finished his fit, the pirate leaded forward over the table. His many baubles and charms coming out of his wide open shirt hanging from his neck.   "You ain't offerin' me nothin'," the captain began. "You are givin' to me what I am owed. And you owe me much more than two golds and a handful of silver."   Bren's mind began to race. He knew what happened to people who didn't pay their debts. Nothing pleasant.   Continuing and reveling in the poor man's fear, Captain Dread said with a toothy reassuring smile, "I've two options for you. First, I take your money and your left hand. And your debt continues in full. Fair is fair. We had a deal and you broke it, but I do still want my gold so I'll let you live to pay it off. You don't need two hands for your work."   Bren reflexively put both of his hands under the table.   "Or," paused Dread. "You could tell me the next time that Jade Master's ship is coming into town. I've been wanted to raid one of those ships for months now."  The half orc smiled wickedly, "But your debt continues. And I only take one knuckle of which you get to chose."   Bren tried to look the Captain in the eye but he shrank away almost immediately. He sheepishly put his left hand onto the table and pointed to his left pinky finger with his right index. "Two tendays," he swallowed, "they are due to arrive in two tendays."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born of a human mother somewhere in the lower Calderian Empire likely near Oxyard. An orc raiders raised his village, taking his mother as a slave. Obrekt was then raised as an orc until his 10th year. His mother having died a few years prior. The tribe he was a part of was destroyed by the Calderian Navy during one of it's raids. Obrekt, technically being a Calderian citizen was shipped off to Dul Kran. Out of the way of proper Calderian folk.   While in Dul Kran he survived as a begger, then a thief, then a spy for the Underhand, then a mercenary for the Empire, then a spy for the Dorandul Kingdom, then an agent for Aroan Reformation, then finally striking out on his own.   He gathered what friends he had and stole a Calderian frigate declaring himself a pirate. He now spends his time securing his power in The Fingers.


Practically none but has spent a lot of his life on the seas. Knows sailing better than most.

Morality & Philosophy

  • Profit can be found everywhere
  • Life is an adventure
  • Life is cruel

Personality Characteristics


Obrek spent most of his early life at the whim of another. Answering some else's call. Now he lives for himself. And he is going to squeeze this life for everything he can get.

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Always up to a challenge.
  • Confident and sure of himself.
  • Charismatic leader.

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Terrible gambling problem.
  • Small addiction to Lupus Fogg.
  • Quick to anger.
  • Frequently lies.
Chaotic Evil
Year of Birth
1550 PoL 24 Years old
Small village likely near Oxyard
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark green speckled with white and lots of sun damage
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • Raise the colors lads! There's plunder to be found!
  • Who's gonna stop me?
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Orcish, Dwarvish (passable)
Ruled Locations


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