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Dorandul Kingdom

The Dorandul kingdom is seemingly split down the middle between the Dorans and the Dulans. While there seems to be constant tensions between the two they always prefer one another over outsiders. Expert traders and smiths, they had become fairly technologically advanced. Gears and machines are fairly common in this kingdom. Pushing on gunpowder; still a new discovery. Machines are a common sight. Simple ones. Essentially elaborate Rube Goldberg machines dot the cities and towns. Rather impressive ones can be found within the Capitol. Dorandul is currently ruled by a Queen named Eldeth Torunn who rules from Dor Garom. The underground cities, while cut off from the main roads, know many back passages through and under the mountains. Information and goods still flow throughout the kingdom. Just in less conventional ways. The monarchy is traditionally supported by two advisors; one from the Dorans and one from the Dulans. The current advisors are such: Vordor Baern Fireforge Vordul Fallond Caebrek Each advisor has a number of people who support and report to them. Having various roles in each of the towns. The monarch is the ultimate authority but in the past centuries has turned into a diplomate between the two peoples.
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