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Torunn Protectors

Clad in their dazling gold plated armor they stand as direct symbols of the crown's will. If you see the sigil of the Protectors you know their actions are sanctioned by the Queen.    The Torunn Protectors are a unique position within the Dorandul Kingdom. Hand chosen by the monarch themselves they serve the crown's will.


  • Years of faithful service to the crown with unwavering loyalty.
  • Must be a dwarf
  • Hand selected by the current reigning monarch


  1. At least 50 years of age
  2. Must be within top five of the selection class
  3. Must have heir to carry on your line


Upon selection by the monarch, a ceremony is held and the Protector armor is given with their choice of weapon.   Selection happens once per year or as needed.


The most important duty is to ensure the survival of the ruling monarch followed by the royal family. Giving your life if needed.


Tasks include guard duty, patrols, enforcing the monarch's will, and other duties as assigned. Primarily they protect the royal estate and going where ever the monarch goes.


Torunn Protectors are viewed highly among the Doran half of the Dorandul Kingdom. Marked as a token of pride among families which provided a Protector. Protectors are provided substantial pay, training, access to equipment, and more. Also provided tendays of vacation time to counter balance the stressful vigorous time on the job. But they are expected to answer a call at any time.

Accoutrements & Equipment

  • Armor of the Torunn Protector - Increases speed by +15. Gives resistance to non magical bps attacks. Each set of armor is crafted for one individual and attuned to their life force. If worn by said person the armor boosts all physical stats by +2.
  • [Weapon] or Protector [Name] - Typically a +2 weapon of some kind that boasts one additional enhancement. Such enhancements may be elemental, speed, life stealing, healing, protection related or many others.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Either by dismissal or by death is their oath fulfilled. To this day, many have died upon requesting a "final service to the crown". Typically a mission deemed too dangerous to risk under normal circumstances.   Fewer than thirty have been honorably dismissed in their near eight hundred year history. These either succeeded in their final service or went above and beyond in their duties.   Only one has ever been dishonorably dismissed. His name was stricken from their records and only referred to as "the Betrayer."
Nobility, Military
Form of Address
Protector ...
Alternative Naming
Royal Guard, Crown Protector
Source of Authority
Monarch of the Dorandul Kingdom
Length of Term
Until dismissed
Related Organizations


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