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Rocky Reef Taven

Adoni entered the threshold of the tavern panting heavily and quickly scanned the room. It was a busy evening. Patrons filling most tables and most of the bar. A loud argument was starting on one end of the room. Looking to be over a game of dice. On the other side of the room, it looked as though an argument turned fight had just ended. One table was flipped and two chairs were broken. The young man watched as two sailors, both beaten bloody and still swinging at each other were separated and dragged off by their compatriots. If anyone had even noticed the young breathless boy enter, they quickly forgot him and went back to their own business. Spotting the bartender, Adoni rushed up to the bar and squeezed himself between two stockier men. Each of which mumbled a series of curses over their nearly spilled drinks.   "I need safe haven!" Adoni desperately and practically shouted.   The bartender, a portly man with a cap and a long mustache, eyed the newcomer suspiciously.   "Boy, ye know where ye are? Yur as likely to be gutted as greeted 'ere."   Seeing something happening on the other side of the room the bartender actually threw the mug he was cleaning clean across the room at the fight over dice that was brewing.   "IF YER GONNA FIGHT THEN TAKE IT OUTSIDE! AND LEAVE THE CHAIRS IN 'ERE!" the barman bellowed.   Whether or not his command had any effect, Adoni didn't turn around to find out. "Please sir just for a bit"   The portly bartender began to say, "What're ye about?" when he heard the clanking of chainmail and heavy boots coming from outside the front door. "Get behind the bar now." He said. Or at least he was saying as he grabbed Adoni by the shirt and with amazing strength pulled him up over the bar to crash at his feet.   It was at that moment that the front door banged open and in marched three tall men. Each garbed in gambeson coated the colors of the Calderian Empire. Pushing past them another man entered. A bit taller than the first three wearing chainmail under his half plate armor. It was Watch Captain Mentoles. Almost at once the entire tavern went silent. All eyes trained on the four at the door.   "Good folk of Dul..." the Captain began.   "What is it ye want?" the barman interrupted.   Adoni couldn't see from behind the bar but he did notice that the porty mustached man standing above him was now gripping his hat in his hand as if it were some kind of club. Mentoles sighed before continuing,   "A man stole from the governor this night, defaced valuable artwork, and lead us on a chase to this location. If you would but allow us to search the premises,"   Again the watch captain was interrupted but this time by the sound of nearly two score chairs sliding against the wooden floor. It seemed that the entire establishment stood in protest of the watch captain's suggestion. Seeing the refusal, the captain simply bowed his head while scowling and made his leave. Quickly.   Not even bothering to look down, the barman replaced his cap asking, "What did ye steal?"   "A couple loaves of bread and some fruit."   "And the art?"   Adoni looked away but was smiling. "That was more of an accident. While I was running I ran into a maid who was removing the governor's chamber pot. Threw the whole thing on some fancy painting of himself."   "Where is the food now?"   "I had to throw it into the barn as I ran."   "Next time throw it 'hind the wood pile," the barman nodded. "Less of a chance pigs'll get it."

Purpose / Function

While a fully functioning tavern in its own right, it also serves as a base of operations for Captain Dread when he is not out at sea. Therefore it draws in all types of unsavory folk but the owner has found a level of balance and understanding with the local ruffians. They look after their own. Three simple rules. No killing. No guards. Pay up front. That's it.


Built some 50 years ago after a terrible hurricane had torn through the area. It was always considered a seedy establishment but it really took to scoundrels once Captain Dread claimed it as his own.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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