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Tunnel to the Center of Pholtel

We believe that Lolth or some other deity put this "hole" here. But it's just that. A belief. We don't actually know.   Yet by all accounts, she has been evasive regarding it. "I have a purpose for it," she says and we trust her. But it's not an admission to having created this pit.   "Pit" isn't even the right word. It's actually a one sided gate. We've tunneled under it. Passing into it though is...intense to say the least. First off, there is an IMMENSE gravitational pull. You need some type of flying spell if you don't want to be sucked in. Second, sound does not travel into or out of the pit. Third, we know it has walls. You can feel them. We don't how far to reach the bottom. Or if there even is a bottom. Fourth, we know something is in there.   Drow, illithid, and duergar teams have all ventured down. Officially, as of the writing of this note the drow have gone the farthest. About ten miles down and back. You have to make it back for it to count otherwise the countless duergar that have jumped in out of prayer would be the winners. Sure we've all lost some to delving but the gray dwarves have by far lost the most.   In regard to what might be in there. We don't know. We do know some delving teams have never come back. Rope snaps. Magic fails. A rival sees a good chance to be rid of you. For one reason or another some don't return. The reason we all know something resides in the pit is because we just do.   When you cross the threshold you'll know. You can feel it. Watching. Observing intently. Something knows you've entered it's home. Drow. Duergar. Ilithid. Doesn't matter. You know it is there. The mind flayers refuse to speak about it though. To anyone. Even their own hive mind. Must be terribly frustrating.   The prophecy, From the Roots of Pholtel, tells us that Lolth will emerge from the pit to help us drow take over the city. Or the Illithid or gray dwarf god will do something similar, I pray that is the case. I fear something worse lives down there and we are just poking it.   -Drow High Priestess Quenerill Brennken

Localized Phenomena

The pit that resides in the tunnel acts more like a magical gate than an actual pit. If one were to dig into the side wall of the pit they would continue on into stone. The pit is more like a one sided magical gate than anything else but does not give off any magical aura. Like a tear in reality.


The tunnel was discovered shortly before the founding of Nelethbelle and proved to be the most intensely coveted location in the surrounding region. Eventually after the ceasefire, the area surrounding the tunnel became home to the three great temples of the city. One for each faction's prime deity.
Alternative Name(s)
Great Pit
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