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Tempest's Beast

Beast Master Gardain Strongheart

Hard to believe at first glance but this dwarf is actually the last living descendant of the former royal line to the Dorandul Kingdom. War and disease had killed most of his family. Which had been spread out across Aroa. His older brother King Torgrin ruled the Dorandul some 250 years ago. Torgrin having been killed while Gardain was barely a man, yet already years after his transformation.   These days he fights the Calderians around the Kroth Woods and tries to hide his royal blood.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A lithe looking dwarf with wild dirty red hair growing thick over most of his body. Crawling on all fours he sniffs the ground and listens to sounds carried on the wind. Long ago having forgotten what it was to be a person and fully giving into the beast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

None now live who remember whom Gardain Strongheart was before his transformation. He's older than all of the villages that surround him and many of the towns too. He has lived in the Kroth Woods as far as anyone can remember. Most guess that he was once a dwarf of the Dorandul Kingdom. Likely living in a village nearby. Then one day he became something more. A werewolf.   Since then he has stalked the trees and nooks of his woods. His lair hidden and his presence everywhere. Over the last two centuries, many of the local folk have come to see him as a local guardian spirit of sorts. Especially now during the War of Calderian Expansion. Village folk often leave him tributes. Clothing tools and the like.   At some point he started to singly attack the Calderian Empire's military. Primarily attacking patrols or raiding caravans and camps.

Personality Characteristics


Year of Birth
1288 PoL 286 Years old
piercing emerald green
unkempt hair the color of fire


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