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Far Seekers

The gray haired plump owner stood behind his bar wiping down the already clean oaken surface. It wasn't a particularly busy time of day. A few hours past the lunch rush. He gazed one by one at the few remaining patrons. One man finished his soup slowly by the window. Enjoying his day. A lovely young couple were seated in the corner gently and openly flirting with each other. Another group of three farm hands were polishing off the last of their beers. Lazily enjoying their break from the hot sun. It had been a good day for the owner. The small town of Mosstide was everything he needed it to be. Pleasant folk. Far enough from the war. An most importantly, nothing truly unexpected. Even the occasional hurricane was expected and the town was always prepared. You don't live on this side of the Calderian Empire and not be prepared for the weather.   The owner was lightly jostled from his contemplation by the familiar sound of a boot stepping onto the outside deck. He began to wonder who it might be as he had seen much of the town through here this afternoon. He listened and the steps seemed to slow before reaching the door. Heavy. Methodical. Each step had a purpose. The graying man looked at the door and cocked his head in confusion. Before he could move, the door pushed its way open.   In the doorway stood a dwarf. A stout barrel chested fellow with a bushy red beard tied clumsily into two large braids. He wore a dull metal breastplate, heavy iron boots, crowned with an iron plated leather cap. Slung over his shoulder was a heavy silvered maul. Yet, the most prominent feature that stood out to the settled aging man was the pendant that hung from his neck. A mithril compass. Not like a holy symbol. An actual working compass. This man was a Far Seeker.   For fewer than a few heart beats the dwarf took a quick stock of the room. Finding the later afternoon company acceptable he strode straight to the far end of the bar. Now with more purpose in his step.   "What can I get for you, master..." The bar innkeeper prompted. Searching for a name.   "Me name don't matter. I'll only be round here for less than a tenday. Waitin' fer me contractor. 'Go to the Wind's Bane in Mosstide' he said. So 'ere I be. Start a tab. 'e'll pay it when he arrives." After that the dwarf hopped off to a table to the side of the room.   And so it went for the next six days. The dwarf sat in the same spot. Only leaving to get more food and drink, sleep, and to relieve himself. The owner had begun to worry he wouldn't be paid when a well dressed man caught him at the bar on a busy night.   "My Far Seeker. Where is he?" the impatient obliviously wealthy man demanded.   "Pay his tab and I'll tell you. 6 gold pieces." chimed the owner.   "SIX?" the man who was probably a noble said incredulously. "In this town. Bastard better be worth it."   After paying up, the wealthy man was directed over to the Far Seeker. Still at the same table he had been for days. They shook hands and left without a word. (I need a better middle and ending than this. too tired.)



Far Seekers are typically volunteers but only those who are highly trained in survival, combat, or magics are typically admitted into their ranks.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment varies per contract. Depending on distance, terrain, length of time, and known difficulty. Compared to an average soldiers pay it is generally higher. Ranging from a few month's salary to a few years all from one trip.

Other Benefits

The Far Seekers are well known as a resourceful and dangerous lot. While generally avoided and socially thought of as outsiders and untrustworthy, they have a fair amount of pull when requesting goods or information from people. They and their contractors pay well.



Original Purpose: To search the unknown. To go beyond the borders of Aroa and learn what they will of the wilder world.   Optional Purpose: Under the guise of exploration, spying on various targets within Aroa. (Frowned upon by the parent guild but practice has become more common as the War of Calderian Expansion has continued. Due to their general acceptance and importance of their goals they are one of the few groups who can more readily travel between nations.


In the immediate decades of the Age of Recovery, people began looking for new places to expand. Eventually a guide came together to manage the exploration efforts. Over the past 800 years or so the Far Seekers guild has slowly began remapping and learning of the surrounding area. They were a huge asset to the founding of the town of Geht despite it's eventual ruin.
Alternative Names
Far Spies
Intelligence Gathering
High demand in wealthy or political circles


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