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From the Roots of Pholtel

Here she crawls on her legs of fear Silent and cunning she spies Out of the pit she will rise up Catching flies in her web of lies   A mind so dark Terror made real Give away yourself Naught left to feel but serve   Down in the deep where the shadow sleeps Glorious night Cast out by their kin. Forgotten. Alone They build and the grow For cruel retribution will be his glory The dark are cast out Shall come from the Roots of Pholtel
This pit


This prophesy details how a god will rise up from the center of Pholtel to lead their followers to glory.

Historical Basis

This legend is older than NelethBelle. A large cut stone was discovered that rests in front of the hole in the Tunnel to the Center of Pholtel with an unknown script that tells the legend. Through divine magic and psionics the script was translated separately into three different translations.


The legend initially simmered amid the building city as each faction vied for control. After a three way stalemate was reached the legend began to be interpreted as a prophecy for each faction's gods. It is now a pivotal and well interwoven belief within the city.

Variations & Mutation

Each faction in the city of NelethBelle interprets this prophecy differently.
  • The drow believe it to foretell the coming of Lolth - Greater Deity of Spiders and Lies in which she will help them dominate the other factions
  • The deurgar believe Laduguer, their patron god, will return to help them exterminate any dwarves who remain on Pholtel.
  • The illithids believe it to foretell a time of great battle between gods in which their deity, Ilsensine, will emerge victorious. Once more allowing the illithids a chace to master the cosmos behind a divine avatar in the guise of an Ulitharid.
Prophecy handed down for generations to the residents of NelethBelle regarding the Tunnel to the Center of Pholtel.


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