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Water Genasi of Stormrock

Children of the water. Master shipwrights. Fluid and wild as the waves.   These are just some of the descriptions of the community of water genasi located in the town of Stormrock on the northern islands of the Calderian Empire. The community itself is hundreds of years old but no one knows, remembers, or is willing to share how these peoples came to be.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Names are typical of the culture that raised them. Those from human parents tend to have human names and those of elven parents have elven names. Etc.

Other names

The water genasi of Stormrock typically take on nicknames given to them by other members of their community. Generally all involving water in some way. Taken as a source of pride in their mixed blood. Turning-Tide, Rising Tide, Pull Before the Storm, Deep-Waters, Currant that takes you, Violent-Typhoon, Churning-Waves, Babbling brook.


Shared customary codes and values

All water genasi share a great and profound love of the sea. From the gentle lapping of waves to the terrible storm. Many are considered as wild as the sea. Some days being calm and peaceful in which nothing can shake or move them. Other days they may seem unrelenting as a flowing river. Even others as terrible as a hurricane.

Average technological level

A community of master shipwrights has formed in Stormrock many of whom all share a bit of the water genasi blood. Considered some of the best ship designers in Aroa, the dockyard is full of many strange designs. Some better left forgotten.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

When Ithil is full and pulling the tides high, many of this species can be found enjoying the large waves on the shore. Commonly swimming among and immersing themselves in the water.   Many tend to worship Kord - Greater Deity of Strength and StormsMelora - Greater Deity of Wilderness and the Sea, or harbor hidden veneration to powerful water elementals.


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