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Formation of the Calderian Empire

Historical Details


Official declaration of the formation of the Calderian Empire. While it came three months after the beginning of what is now known as the Age of Strife with the Siege of the Crossroads, it marks the formal beginning of the War of Calderian Expansion.


Signaled the "reforming" of the Calderian Nation. While still a unitary centralized government ruled by the three Lords of Calderia, they now decided to begin ruling over people's not of the Calderian nationality.

Public Reaction

The Calderian people generally see this as a good thing. Whether by divine right or by force of will , there is a general consensus of Calderian superiority.   Everyone who is not Calderian hates it.


A common sneer is to exclaim something along the lines of "Just write it on a piece of paper and make it so!"
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Authoring Date


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