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Island of the Damned

The island is roughly 50 miles long and about 75 miles wide. Giving it an oblong shape. Exact measurements have proven to be near impossible and not worth the cost. Located off the northwestern coast of Aroa, about 50 miles north of Aethel and 45 miles west northwest of Alora, this island is for the most part ignored by the inhabitants of the mainland.


Much of this island consists of muddy beaches, harsh steep hills, and innumerable cliffs ranging in size from a foot to dozens of feet. The landscape holds a twisting maze of deeply cut ravines that snake their way through out the island. Housing an uncountable number of crags, caves, and tunnels that lead to hidden places beneath the stones.


Frequently buffeted by storms that are unable to cross over The Barrier Mountains further to the west, the land is torn up and constantly wet. A heavy fog comes every night as the land cools down and isn't burned off until around noon the next day.

Fauna & Flora

This cold wet environment is harsh to most life. Therefore most of the fauna are either amphibious, live in the elevated regions, or live near one of the many ravines, which allows water to drain quickly. Commonly found are various types of herd animals, namely goats. Along with various predatory birds and mammals. Few reptiles and other cold blooded animals live here.   A thick heavy moss covers much of the region. Acting as a blanket for many trees and other animals. Wide thick trees dot the landscape. Only those with roots deep enough and a trunk strong enough are able to withstand the harsh storms.


Not much is known of the longer history of the Island. The native cat-like peoples, the Mistontli, are untrusting of outsiders and generally hostile. One popular theory is that they too once had a larger civilization on the island but were nearly destroyed by The Blood War during the Age of Loss. Leaving a scattered and tribal system in its wake.


Only one real reason exists to visit the island. Treasure hunting.   There are a number of ruins that dot the landscape from a previous civilization. Some stand among the tall strong trees while many others are veritable cities within the ravines. Many of them remain unexplored. Either do to the difficulty of accessing them, they are defended by the Mistontli, or they are the graves of the damned.   The damned is a term used for the creatures and abominations that roam the island. They are more heavily concentrated near the ruins. Some have multiple arms. Others seem to be missing their skin. Some scamper around on three legs leaping from tree to tree. But they are hostile to all life and fight bitterly. They shriek and cry and howl drawing others to themselves.
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