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xitlamaui okotl (she-tla-mauw-ee o-ko-tl)

Commonly called the "exploding fruit" and for good reason.   -Inivoriel, foremost scholar on the Island of the Damned
Such a simple fruit. But painful. I need twenty more words on this articles but dear god ugh.

Basic Information


The plant itself grows large long and thin leaves that rest near the ground. A central stalk raises up about two feet into the air and holds anywhere from one to five fruits. About the size of a pine cone these bright red berries dangle easily from their perch.

Genetics and Reproduction

The fruits of the plant is filled with two dozen or so barbed thin seeds. After the fruit has ripened and enough energy is given to the fruits, they will explode. Violently scattering its seeds in every direction.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Two main uses for the fruit of this plant.
  1. If opened before ripe the seeds could be removed and the fruit then pressed into a tart drink. It can also be fermented into a tart alcoholic beverage.
  2. Ripe fruits can be thrown to explode upon impact. Useful for obvious reasons.
One of the western tribes of the Island of the Damned utilizes these fruits to make dyes of paints for various daily and religious tasks.

Facial characteristics

You can swear that the fruit smiles at you just before it explodes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

On the island in which it can be found they are more prevalent in the jungled areas on the west side of the island. They tend to grow in dense groups. Patches of tens.

Average Intelligence

It's a plant. It has no intelligence.
Let's say each fruit does 2d4 piercing damage in a ten foot sphere.
Average Height
2 feet tall
Average Weight
10 lbs
Geographic Distribution


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