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The name "dragonshore" comes from the idea that the dragonblooded people should rule the shores of Aroa. They believe in the ultimate supremacy of their people under the guide of their goddess, Tiamat - Lesser Deity of Wealth, Greed, and Vengence. They are at odds with every other group in aroa. If you aren't Dragonblooded then they hate you and wish to kill or subjugate you. If you are Dragonblooded but are not with their cause then you are just as bad off as the non-dragonblooded.

Public Agenda

To turn Aroa back into the land of the Arokath. Destroy all the other nations and establish dragonblooded supremacy.


The first leader of this cult had stolen the Dragon's Mantle from the Arokath monarchy. He then began recruiting as an outlaw. At first, just solidifying the base of Tiamat - Lesser Deity of Wealth, Greed, and Vengence worshipers. The current leader of the cult is aggressively pursuing his agenda. Attacking anyone and everyone in a blind rage of vengeance. Including his own people.

Mythology & Lore

The Dragonshore cult believe the symbol of their god's will, the Dragon's Mantle came to Aroa to signal to her followers the location of her future kingdom. The prophesy that once the Arokath people come to once more dominate and spread across Aroa that she will make herself known and establish her own dragonblooded kingdom where dragons will rule all.
Founding Date
Religious, Cult
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