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Dragonborn nation of Arokath. Natives to Aroa.   The dragonborn are the only natives to Aroa. At one time they laid claim to all of Aroa having a number of towns and cities on boths sides of the Karatch Mountains (The Barrier Mountains). ARokath has always been a monarchy. A virtuous people that also value physical prowess many native Aroans strive to be the best that they can be. Always building to be their best and taking their Charge seriously.

The current ruler of Arokath, King Kailus, is an old traditionalist. He has kept the Charge of Rhaelion, served as Commander and Chief twice, and kept his nation out of squabbles of the other three. King Kailus has been a good king. Just and kind to the people of Aroa but unforgiving and relentless towards the hordes of the wastes. The Arokan throne has traditionally had three advisors. One from each hold. While having no official title beyond “Commander of the _____ Hold” the three have become known as the “Dragon’s Shield.” While in charge of roughly one third of the kingdom, each commander’s first priority is to their hold and its defenses.

Each town also has a town master and other such members to keep a functioning government.

Public Agenda

Defense of Aroa along the Barrier Mountains


Controls all the land within 75 miles of The Barrier Mountains from the Royal Pines to the Redgrove Forest


Sarinn Argenthrixus  - Commander of the West Hold
Rhojhan Kimbatuul  - Commander of the Central Hold
Vorul Fharngnarthnost - Commander of the East Hold

Foreign Relations

Remains neutral in the War of Calderian Expansion and trades with every nation.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Drukets (copper, silver, electrum, gold, platinum)
Stamped with the profile of a dragon's head.


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