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Star Collectors

You never know what the Star Collectors want. They might ask for your boot and give you a twig in return. They might ask your neighbor for your head in exchange for a bucket full of gold coins.   Best to give them a wide berth if they find you.

Public Agenda

The Star Collectors have but one known agenda. To collect things. In their rare sightings, they ask for a specific object, item, or person to exchange for other goods. They are uninterested in anything other than whatever they came looking for.


Star Collectors greatest assets are their near indestructible flying ships. While scholars know the ships are capable of being damaged, reports show that tremendous force or magics are required to do so.   Other than the ships the Collectors have access to large amounts of material goods to exchange with. Precious metals and gemstones but also trade goods; wheat, silk, wheels, water, etc


Tales and legends of the Star Collectors go back thousands of years. Even some of the stories that survived the Age of Loss reference these strange other worldly creatures.

Trade & Transport

Some examples of what the Star Collectors have asked for in the past:
  • 13 spoons used by 13 different left handed men
  • 3 donkeys of grey coats
  • 1 fully cooked chicken with organs still intact
  • 7 human children from homes with both parents
  • 9 human children from homes with one parent
  • 5 human orphan children that have lived near a lake
  • 82 lbs of hair, preferably beard hair from dwarves
  • 1 sphere of annihilation with its controlling amulet
  • 1 small stone with the light cantrip cast upon it
  • 2 humanoid creatures who are married to each other but hate each other
  • 1 humanoid who has great grandchildren
  • 16 leaves from a royal garden
  • 4 artifact level magic items
  • 1 wagon wheel broken beyond repair
  • 12 gold pieces with teeth marks in them
  • 10 wooden hammers that have been used to kill something
  • 1 gallon of pig's blood at least 3 weeks old
  • 1 divine spark or 1 god (no preference given)
  • 5 cups of tea brewed by a man crying beneath a willow tree
  • The right foot of a man whose right foot had been eaten by a manticore
  • A man who lost his right foot to the mouth of a manticore
  • 1 lb of dry water
  • The lowest stone in the planet
  • 2 clouds
  • 1 cow born of an egg
  • 1 heart of a monarch
  • 1 "cell phone" (scholars are unaware of what this is)
Expedition, Scientific
Star Spawn


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